Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Waitress - a Fable of Love or Cinderella 2007

Waitress -the movie, cute fun, and If only things like this really happened.
OK Not only is Felicity gorgeous and can bake but she is also married to Jeremy Sisto.
Jeremy Sisto is Hot Buttered White-Boy
I would take a lot of crap to come home to those juicy lips!
So he smacks me around and doesn't let me have money who needs money when you have love .
I am just saying -
The slappin' and controlin' really gets to Felicity she is just to pretty to be this unhappy
So what's a girl to do?
Start something up with the hot doc (Nathan Fillion from One life to Live Ahh Joey )
Anywhoo before you can say baby daddy a fairy god father drops in and makes her life just right
I do not think I am spoiling anything here not that there is anyone even reading this but this movie just screams Happy ending from scene 1
It is just so cutesy with the "I hate my husband pie" and all that goodness Y'all
I really hate myself for liking this movie but it really is a fairy tale and what girly girl doesn't like Fairy Tales
And the acting is down-to-earth with strong performances from the whole cast especially Cheryl Hines and the late Adrienne Shelly who also wrote and directed the movie
If you like your Fried Green Tomatoes with a touch of Burning Bed this movie is for you( and me)

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