Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hot Fuzz gives me a that warm Tingly Feeling

Hot Fuzz is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.
It mixes all those BBC America Mysteries I like with the Actioners I love like Lethal Weapon.
There is a quaint English town called Samford that has no crime until the new Sheriff comes to town. Nick Angel played by Simon Pegg (Shaun from Shaun) of the dead is the supercop of the moment. Not since Cleavon Little rode into town in Blazing Saddles has 1 policeman - Oh excuse me police officer been such a Catalyst for Change. He won't look away when he sees underage drinking in the local pub. Those lads better look out! Simon Clegg can give Nicole Kidman a run for her crown as palest celebrity. His buddy/Partner is played by a guy who looks exactly like old Lou Costello. I kept waiting for him to Yell out Hey Abbot! That is a good thing by the way.
This movie has more Jokes than you can react too. Sly asides that you can miss if you are not used to the brit accents but I caught most of them since I am fluent in Eastender ( Thank you PBS Channel 21 WLIW I promise to give this Year) . There is also some gore so leave the wee ones at home. You should be at least 10 years old before you see anyone impaled even if it is one of the funniest scenes in the movie.
I can't wait for the DVD this is so worth a second viewing.
Oh and click for HOT FUZZ Pac man

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is the funniest thing I have seen today Click here for the galleryoftheabsurd

And then there was One

Hey all you people on the Interweb -
Here is what everybody has been waiting for another PC Blog
I Know I know everybody and their mom has a pop culture blog but I figure why not.
At least I get the practice of writing and all of that TV time is put to good use.
There won't just be TV and Movies here at my blog, Your will also get links to the latest gossip and what ever I come across on YouTube.
So what's up with American Idol this year ?
How boring can it be ? Where are the stop the show moments of ...wait I was going to say last season but there really weren't any then either.
No KPhee off-key over the rainbow does not count
Yes my precious Idol has been rolling down hill for too long.
And then tonight they are doing some whole charity thing.
The last thing I want to do while watching AI is think about African orphans, save it for Madonna or Angelina or some one else cause I don't want to hear that.
Who isn't for charity but, I. Poppy likes to keep her shit separate.
Who wants to think about famine while your are trying to figure out if Phil looks more like Powder or Meerkat or an Alien from Close Encounters I have been really flip- floppin on this one.
I mean AI is for escape. If I wanted to learn something or grow as a person I would watch CNN or Orpah. Anywhooo I will be there on my couch talking to the chief and making fun of Kelly Clarkson as she humbles herself in front of the AI gods just to shill her new record.
I will also have to ask anyone who cares where is Reuben, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken and that Gray Fox that won last?
Were they not invited to the party?
And Headed to POP Culture Heaven is -
Xanadu the Musical Click here for the info
This is going to be soo bad and I do not mean in the soo bad its good way
There is only room for one Skating Musical on Broadway and that my Friend was Starlight Express Oh How I loved Cats on Skates